CASKA Frankfurt Fair——Enter the overseas market
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February 15 -- 18, 2023  Automechanika Shenzhen (Frankfurt Shenzhen Auto Parts Show) will be held at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Organized by Foshan High-tech Zone, Guangdong Caska Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, went to Shenzhen to participate in Frankfurt Exhibition, bringing a number of products to show, attracting the attention of many international exhibitors and visitors!




The exhibition site attracted many customers to visit and consult. The overseas sales team of CASKA received and showed the company's high-quality LINKNEW products to the customers with warm reception, in-depth communication and discussion of the product's future development prospects and trends, actively understood the customer's needs, and provided mature and effective solutions according to the different needs of the customers. Obtained many high praise and recognition, and reached preliminary cooperation intention with many customers.



6.jpgCASKA's overseas sales staff are broadcasting live online in English


CASKA said in an interview: "In order to expand Caska and strengthen Caska's LINKEW brand, it is expected that we will go to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other places to establish sales channels, and strive to increase the proportion of foreign trade business from 10% to 30%. Caska has signed up to participate in the professional overseas exhibition in Hong Kong in April and is also planning to participate in other countries."

Many LINKNEW products were displayed at the exhibition site, which made people's eyes shine. The G20-S, G10, F10, dashcam, and Carplay AI BOX were showcased. Host products have 7 "/9" /10.1 "/12.3" /12.95 "a variety of specifications, can meet the different needs of customers and the pursuit of fashion personality of a variety of experience.



Especially the G20-S series intelligent large screen car machine, 1080P HD large screen clearer picture quality, more gorgeous color, more prominent visual effects. Unique cooling system, can also operate at high temperature. On-site technical personnel to the product effect demonstration, the customer after watching the quality of the product and the clarity of the process display effect expressed very satisfied;

Car DVR, HD 2K display effect, suitable for multiple languages, ADS, equipped with the most popular Carplay, Android and other hot selling functions, attracted the attention of many overseas customers;

Although the Carplay AI BOX is small in size, it has powerful functions. As long as the original car has carplay function, it can realize a variety of multimedia applications, such as YouTube and Netflix, easy installation, plug and play, and wonderful car life of the owner.

In addition to the new energy electric vehicles, the company has also done a good overseas layout. Launched two of the most popular charging guns, attracting many new energy customers have stopped to seize business opportunities!



In order to continuously meet the needs of customers at home and abroad and adapt to the booming automotive afterfitting market, Kaashta will always adhere to the original intention and enthusiasm of serving the automotive aftermarket, and is committed to providing automotive electronic system solutions for major auto factories at home and abroad, providing personalized experience for car owners, and manufacturing every product carefully. Continue to expand the brand influence of CASKA and LINKNEW to provide higher quality products and services for car owners.


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