Expand the road ahead, lead the future | Caska amazing appearance 2023 Hong Kong exhibition
Date:2023-04-17 11:26:20 Visits:

From April 11th to 14th, the 2023 Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition for electronic products was grandly held in the Asia International Expo Hall.This exhibition brings high-quality OEM/ODM manufacturers and suppliers from China and Asia together to meet the professional procurement needs of the global market.


CASKA, as a leader in China's automotive electronics technology field, also participated in this event.Caska launched many new products of its brand ILNKNU to the exhibition. The diversified product matrix and super strong lineup attracted foreign customers,new products became the hottest focus of the audience.


Crowded with people, many ILNKNU products were displayed at the CASKA booth,attract customers to stop by and inquire.


As the pioneer, this time,Caska upgrade,breakthrough and optimize of smart large-screen car multimedia player; Caska cover wide products,including special stereo for vehicles,universal car dvd player and radio with knobs to meet different customer needs.We have 9”,10”,9.5”,10.4”,12.3”,13.1”etc,satisfy the fashion personality pursuit.


Especially the G20-S series smart large-screen car machine, 1080P high-definition large-screen picture quality and brilliant color result in a much better visual effect. The unique patented heat dissipation system can operate freely even under high temperature conditions.The  technicians demonstrated the effect of the product, which made the on-site customers full of praise.


The dash cam are also favored, carrying high-definition 2K camera display effects, adapted multiple languages, equipped with ADAS, equipped with the most popular Carplay, Android Auto ,Hicar and other hot-selling features.



Although the Carplay AI BOX is small specification, it is powerful, easy to install, and plug-and-play. As long as the original car has the carplay function, it can realize a variety of multimedia applications, such as YouTube, Netflix and other video applications. You can watch videos online at any time. Brings wonderful car life.


In addition, the debut of Caska's new energy series electric bicycles has also aroused the popularity of many customers. Compared with the general welding method used in the market to manufacture products, Caska innovates, breaks through the differences in materials and shapes, adopts the Tesla car frame casting process, and integrates gravity casting molding, with a comprehensive upgrade of the structure, eye-catching product colors, and a highly unified appearance. , attracting many customers to stop and experience on-site, the response is enthusiastic!


For customers who did not come to the scene, we "moved" the live broadcast and goods into the scene, and used the social network platform to let Caska's new products reach global customers!


The exhibition site attracted many overseas professionals to consult. The Caska professional team lead them to experience products, understand product functions, and explain brand advantages.


In near future, CASKA will always adhere to the intention and enthusiasm of serving the automotive aftermarket, constantly summarize, optimize and develop product technology and service experience. Continue to expand the influence of CASKA and ILNKNU brands to provide car owners with high-end quality products and services.

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