The world's first Light Field Display ! Caska has officially become Huawei's partner, opening a new era of intelligent cockpit
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       On May 9, the Huawei China Partnership Conference was held at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of "Because of unity that strength arises, Because of the creative work of solidarity". At the signing ceremony of cooperation between partners and Huawei, Caska officially became Huawei's partner. The Light Field Display panel module is provided by Huawei, which is using Caska light field engine technology, and Caska integrates the whole machine for sales, giving full play to their respective advantages and jointly creating the ultimate experience and market results.



                          ·Group photo of signing a contract Light Application Field of Huawei General Manager, Zhang Futao(middle)

                                           Caska General Manager, Lu Yujun (right)



Light Field Display: Bringing the big screen movies to the car

Different from traditional liquid crystal display, Light Field Display is a kind of display technology that can generate three-dimensional images in space. Without wearing any glasses or helmet, the viewer can feel the real three-dimensional effect.



                                       ·Vice President of Light Application Field of Huawei, Mr. Zeng Huarong

                      Release of light field engine technology for vehicle aftermarket to government and enterprise distribution partners


As the first product in the world to apply Huawei's light field engine technology to the automotive aftermarket, Light Field Display gives full play to this technology, with advantages of large format, deep view, low motion sickness and relaxed eyes. The product combines liquid crystal display technology with space optics: 35" large screen, 3m telephoto imaging, and 90PPD super retina resolution.

In addition, Light Field Display can adapt to different car models and scenes, provide headrest, chair back and other forms of products, flexible to meet consumer needs, and can effectively reduce visual fatigue and alleviate motion sickness, creating a private theater like immersion.


Win-win co-operation, to promote industrial progress and market prosperity together

The reason why Caska became Huawei's partner, is that Caska's highly competitive product line in the automotive electronics industry and its excellent market share.


 From the budding of domestic automotive navigation products, to putting forward the concept of "special car" to lead domestic brands to break out, to pioneering the "universal car player", and to providing automotive safety system, Caska has been maintaining the pioneer attitude in the industry for 25 years, and successfully creating a complete automotive electronic product ecosystem. Through differentiated products, partners can provide rich and personalized high-quality products when facing consumers with different needs, avoid homogeneity and avoid being involved in the price tug of war that will only damage the interests of consumers.

Behind this strong product force is the continuous investment in research and development, and through 25 years of industry precipitation and innovation to expand the technological lead, leading the race of mainstream technology with differentiation.

In 2021, with "Quality Made in China" as the core, Caska went abroad. Under the background of surging domestic goods, Caska exported products to overseas to conform to the trend of the times. It has completed a complete closed loop of an independent brand from germination, to fighting overseas brands, driving domestic brands to become the mainstream of the market, and then out of overseas.

From this perspective, Caska's 25-year history is highly in line with Huawei's, and its prominence in the field of automotive electronics also deserves the title of Huawei's partner.



Enable automotive electronics, layout intelligent cockpit innovation future

By 2022, the penetration rate of smart cabins in the Chinese market will exceed 50 percent. Going into 2023, smart cabins will remain a major selling point for both conventional and electric vehicles. However, as market competition intensifies, consumers' demand for smart cabins has changed significantly, and simply relying on big screens to highlight the sense of technology can no longer be satisfied. As a result, diversified human-computer interaction and highly customized systems have become industry trends.


Caska introduces Huawei light field engine technology to create new light field screen products in the industry, aiming to improve the use experience of traditional car and machine systems, so that passengers can truly enjoy smart travel. All products of Caska have built-in HUAWEI HiCar function, which supports a number of applications such as Toutiao, Bilibili, Tiktok, etc. The full-screen adaptive auto screen and single application can be enlarged and shrunk at the same time, which is convenient to use on a variety of different screen sizes of auto screen. HiCar function extends the rich application and hardware capabilities of mobile phones to cars, enabling us to enjoy intelligence and convenience in cars.

In the future, Caska will adopt a comprehensive strategy to carry out market layout, and launch universal model and special model light field screen products for different models and consumer needs, so as to further expand its market share.

With the layout of the intelligent cockpit, Caska naturally extends to a higher dimension of diversified on-board entertainment experience. The light field engine technology will play a role in the upgrade and innovation of the rear entertainment system, the highly intelligent co-driver navigation, and the new application of AR interaction in real-time navigation, in-car information display and other aspects, so as to bring more rich and advanced experience for users.

With its unique market perspective and technical strength, Caska constantly promotes industry innovation, which is the result of Caska's deep layout in the automotive electronics industry, and also the confidence of Caska to unlock new play constantly.


 Light Field Display is bound to have a huge market opportunity, which we will wait and see.


For more information about the Light Field Display, please visit the Tmall flagship store by scanning the QR code

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