Opening up a new track for in-car visual experience, Caska officially became Huawei's partner
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"Huawei China Partner Conference 2023" was successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao 'an) from May 8 to 9, the theme of this conference is "because of the gathering of people's ambition", aiming to provide an opportunity for face-to-face communication and cooperation for 16,000 partner enterprises from various fields across the country.  As a partner of Huawei and a leading automotive electronics company, Caska was also invited to attend the meeting.


At the conference, Caks and Huawei representatives attended the "Optical field Engine Technology Cooperation Signing Ceremony" and jointly signed the letter of intent for Optical field display business cooperation, officially becoming Huawei's partner.  Huawei provides the optical field screen module to Caska to enable the optical field engine technology, and the two parties will give full play to their respective advantages to jointly create the ultimate driving experience of the rear entertainment system products.


Zhang Futao (middle), general manager of intelligent light display in the field of optical application of Huawei optical product line, and Lu Yujun (right), general manager of Caska

The vehicle light field screen integrates liquid crystal display technology and space optical technology.  Compared with the traditional vehicle liquid crystal display screen, it has the advantages of large format, scene depth, low motion sickness and eye relaxation.

Specifically, the light field screen breaks through the physical space restrictions inside the car to achieve a 35-inch large format;  With 3-meter remote imaging technology, it can create a sense of immersion like a private theater;  Super retina resolution can reach 90PPD, clear and fine image quality, effectively relieve dizziness, nausea and other discomfort symptoms;  Tele-imaging technology can also reduce the risk of visual fatigue and myopia.


Mr. Zeng Huarong, Vice President of Optical Applications of Huawei Optical product line, announced the optical field engine technology for the automotive aftermarket to the government and enterprise distribution partners


The reason why Huawei chose to cooperate with Caska is inseparable from the strong product power and brand power demonstrated by Caska

With innovation as the core driving force, Caska has established an ideal ecological picture of automotive electronic products through 25 years of industry precipitation and innovation research and development, and has maintained the pioneer attitude of a leader in the industry.

From the 360 panorama of Glory Edition and Sparkle Edition, to the 360 Panorama of Universal PLUS, Caska adheres to the innovation close to the needs of users, and has launched many pioneering products in the aspects of sound quality, image and product form. In addition, the entire line of products has built-in HUAWEI HiCar function, which supports a variety of applications such as Toutiao, Bilibili, Tiktok, etc. The full-screen adaptive vehicle screen and single application can be enlarged and shrunk, which is convenient for friendly use on a variety of different screen sizes of vehicle and engine screens, continuously enhancing the user experience and market competitiveness of the product.


Caska firmly believes that if a brand wants to develop for a long time, it cannot do without good customer reputation. Therefore, while maintaining the competitiveness of products, Caska has been providing strong support for channel customers through continuous innovation and change.

In addition to the outstanding product power and brand power, the reason why Caska can become a leading enterprise in automotive electronics is closely related to the market sensitivity of Caska.

With the booming development of the new energy vehicle market, intelligent cabins have become a new hot spot in the industry. According to the "Smart Cabin White Paper Focusing on the Second Half of Electrification" released by KPMG China on April 27, the market size of China's smart cabin will reach 212.7 billion yuan in 2026, with a five-year compound growth rate of more than 17%.

Following the market trend, Caska will take the light field display cooperated with Huawei as the front-row soldier in the development of intelligent cabin field of new energy vehicles. The first batch of products will mainly be general models, covering a wide range of models, creating technology, intelligence and health use scenarios to meet the entertainment needs of rear passengers. In the future, special car models will be developed and introduced into the boutique companies of automobile manufacturers. Jointly promote the development of intelligent cabin.


In the future scene application, the light field screen will support two kinds of product forms on the car, including the seat back and headrest, adapt to multiple scenes, realize the rear entertainment, AR interaction and other functions, bring a new travel experience for drivers and passengers.


The release of the light field screen has brought a new breakthrough for the automobile rear entertainment market. The combination of Caska and Huawei will usher in more innovations and opportunities in the future automotive aftermarket, and create a better driving experience together.

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