Meet the exploration, experience, sharing, CASKA riding recorder C900 accompany you to the end of the world
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The meaning of cycling

It was lightning fast

It is also the slow spring breeze

As a leading automotive electronics brand in China

CASKA has been committed to thousands of car users

Provide safe and intelligent automotive electronic products and services

Present Day

CASKA brings 25 years of experience in industry innovation and research and development

Apply it to the riding recorder gradually

Launched the C900 riding recorder

Let the brave knights of the end of the world have a treasure of riding memories




4K ultra-wide Angle riding video

The C900 has dual 1080AHD lenses

Can shoot 4K ultra HD video

It's four times as sharp as 1080P

And support 60FPS high frame rate shooting

In addition to dynamic instant lifelike smooth

High frame rates also improve post-editing

The picture (in slow motion) becomes a breeze



F1.6 large aperture to better capture light

Guaranteed to work in all lighting conditions

Get clear, bright riding images

150 degrees wide Angle, meet the 300° image shot

Can cover a wider range of shooting

The horizon is no longer limited

The highlights are no longer in the box



Dual mode image stabilization

Image stabilization technology has become an important function of modern cameras

The most common image stabilization technique

Optical stabilization (OIS) and Electronic stabilization (EIS)

The C900 combines OIS and EIS

The physical mechanism of OIS compensates for the motion of the recorder

Reduce blur and improve image quality

EIS relies on software algorithms

(C900 adopts D-Flow anti-shake algorithm)

It has the advantage of being able to correct a wider range of motion

That is, the C900's dual-mode image stabilization

It can reduce the image blur caused by jitter

It can effectively offset the jitter in all directions



And through the horizon stability and distortion correction function

The C900 can further reduce bumps and vibrations in the ride

Keep the video level steady

Correct possible image distortion from wide-angle lenses

Make the picture closer to the real perspective



IP67 waterproof & Visual interaction

It is different from the general riding recorder on the market

The C900 requires no waterproof case

The bare machine can reach IP67 waterproof level

Provide a free, reliable and smooth experience

Riders do not need to worry about damage to their equipment from rain, mud or spray

Record great outdoor journeys in all weather and road conditions




The C900 is equipped with a 3.0-inch IPS full vision HD screen

High quality with smoother frame rates and clear details

Adopt mobile phone full fit technology

Screen and device seamless connection appearance more simple and beautiful

At the same time, the air layer is eliminated to reduce reflection and scattering

Make the screen more transparent

The response was swift and precise

Provide a smoother user experience




Car gauge material & self-media sharing

The C900 has built-in 64/256GB mass storage

And USB-C 3.0 high-speed interface

Say goodbye to capacity and transfer speed anxiety

In addition to IP67 dust and water

The C900 comes with a gauge grade material including 7H high hardness lens protection

Higher appearance texture

With light weight and excellent durability and impact resistance


Self-media sharing has long become a wonderful point of outdoor riding

C900 built-in WIFI module

Support zero traffic mobile Internet quick check video playback

It can also escort the ride

It can also share with one click through the APP

Edit and share to social networks anytime

Share your recorded moments in real time



C900 also has GPS positioning + trajectory, exclusive private model

And TS streaming image technology, 24-hour parking monitoring and other functions

To meet the needs of exploration, experience, sharing and other life

Focus on various scenarios of off-road riding

Let you create

Easily record every beautiful moment


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