CASKA S20-S 360 panorama car android player, take you to get the right way to open the road trip
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Modern urbanites yearn for mountains, rivers and lakes

The desire to feel free in nature

The road trip is favored by them

But the journey is long.

It's easy to get into trouble if you're not careful

The equipment is good enough to make the journey safe

CASKA S20-S 360 3D panoramic car android player

Help you get around easily


Powerful function, safe escort

Road trip facing unfamiliar road conditions uncertain?

CASKA S20-S 360 3D panoramic view

Built-in 360 panoramic image function

With 4 imported ultra HD lenses

360° full range traffic monitoring

Help the driver easily grasp all the dynamics around the vehicle

For the driver to bring unprecedented driving vision

Quickly eliminate hidden safety problems in blind areas

Scratch records, facilitate forensics to resolve disputes

After the narrow width of the complex road no longer fear



AHD HD reverse video function

For a clearer and more accurate reversing view

Effectively solve the problem of novice drivers reversing


With 24-hour parking monitoring function

Remote monitoring is also supported

Check the status of the vehicle and its surroundings at all times

To prevent the vehicle from being stolen, vandalized or subjected to illegal acts

Parking is more secure

Hardcore configuration, the best choice

CASKA S20-S 360 3D panoramic view

Equipped with Qualcomm SDM450 octa-core 1.8G processor

With more powerful computing power, fast response

4+64G memory, running smoothly



12.3 "large horizontal screen

720*1920 HD resolution

More realistic colors, more extreme visual effects

The screen is fully fitted

The screen and touch screen have no air layer

All black behind the screen

Eliminate the possibility of dust entry

It can not only improve the clarity and brightness of the display

It also leads to a better and smoother touchscreen experience


The temperature resistance reaches the standard of vehicle regulation level

Resistant to -30℃ low temperature, 80℃ high temperature

Longer life and more stable performance

Intelligent system, beyond imagination

Android 11.0 system, user-friendly UI

Supports the installation of more intelligent applications

Built-in 4G network, wireless hotspot output

The journey is always fun and exciting

Support wireless + wired Carplay and Huawei HiCar

Mobile phone and car bidirectional interconnection

Share mobile music, video, map navigation and other apps



GPS+ Beidou dual mode positioning, Autonavi car version map

Real-time traffic updates online

Ensure the accuracy of navigation information

Avoid congested roads and choose the best route

Improve travel efficiency


More intelligent voice control system

Sensitive recognition



You can do it if you don't want to talk

S20-S 360 panoramic new global gesture function

You can use gestures to adjust the volume, return to the home page, close the software, and more

Easy to operate, simple and efficient


I know what you need

Outside the car is a beautiful view

A car can't be boring

CASKA S20-S 360 3D panoramic view

Local music player supports lossless music format playback

The sound quality is delicate and layered

High fidelity low noise DSP, multiple sound field modes

Can be switched according to preference

Stereo surround sound effect

When the music is turned on, enjoy the feast of hearing



The local video player supports up to 4K video playback

Netflix online video player, blockbuster anytime to see

FM/AM dual band radio

Listen to news, interviews and music stations

Traveling alone is no longer lonely

CASKA S20-S 360 3D panoramic view

Bring together cutting-edge technology and lead the trend

Upgrade your driving experience and safety in every way

Gear is in place. We're on our way

With the S20-S 360 Panorama

Start a beautiful road trip


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